The Mighty Baobab


The Nhaka brand takes its cues from the great African wonder: the baobab tree. This is a truly remarkable tree that has numerous impressive traits that sets it apart. One of the most inspiring is its ability to create an ecosystem to sustain itself by housing many different species. The baobab symbolizes strength, confidence, resilience and reliability. 


As it has the ability to create a healthy business ecosystem for all stakeholders, Nhaka can create a habitat, not just for itself to grow, but also for all its stakeholders to develop and thrive. By storing up wealth through investment, Nhaka is able to survive harsh economic climates and in this way to endure for generations.


At Nhaka, we understand that business is not just about short-term profit-making; it is also about providing solutions to ongoing challenges that people and businesses face. Our company is securely rooted in our mission of inspiring our clients to create, expand and sustain wealth well into the future through property investments.