We offer a development consulting service where we provide our clients with expert knowledge, experience and insight to ensure that they are able to navigate the complex world of property development with relative ease.


We offer assistance in the following areas:

  • Rezoning
  • Project & Design Management
  • Land Use and Building Regulation Advice
  • Special Consent
  • Removal of Title Deed Restrictions
  • Advertising Applications
  • Circulate SDPs and Building Plans
  • Obtain Occupation Certificates
  • Project Viability Studies







At the heart of Nhaka The Legacy Group is our property development service. We develop ultra-modern residential units for today's dreamers, go-getters, influencers and nation builders.


The Nhaka team is endlessly motivated by beautiful, new ideas and bringing them to life; by the art and skill required to sprout and grow innovative projects; and by the brilliance of the final product.  But moreover, we derive the greatest satisfaction from partnering with our clients in breathing life to developments and establishments from the ground up and in watching together as our projects come to fruition.









In a bygone age, property investments were daunting and exclusive ventures reserved for the select few, dominant experts: the property moguls and development tycoons. Today, Nhaka is proud to work with a diverse range of forward-thinking clients and to offer them the opportunity to partner with a team of expert individuals and organizations to create sound investments, prime opportunities and lasting wealth.


This is achieved through:

  • Structured Investments
  • Holiday Homes Portfolios